credit card with frequent flyer points

With the wide variety of credit cards available now, it’s no surprise reward programs achieved their current state of popularity. Many people are now taking advantage of reward programs that suit their style of spending daily. If you spend a lot of time traveling, then there is fantastic news regarding the airline mile rewards cards available.

Various banks have credit card offers which offer substantial rewards, such as points towards redeemable online gifts, or nights at various hotels around the country. However, easily the best distinguishable of rewards is that of airline miles. Airline mile card rewards are able to be redeemed for travelling across the country and you can usually receive a large amount of bonus miles as soon as you join an airline mile reward card program.

Many card providers will advertise airline mile rewards as a primary selling point. In order to find the best card suited to your travel needs it’s best to spend some time online researching the various offers first before signing up for any cards.

Depending on which type of card you would rather have, you can choose between frequent flyer mile and airline mile reward credit cards, the decision can be a bit odd at times because of minor differences. With the frequent flyer mile cards you may use accrued mile rewards at over 250 major airlines.

If you choose to go with an airline mile reward card, then you may be able to obtain a card directly through the airline you frequent most often. This can be a better choice than a generic frequent flyer miles card because working through a nearby airport with several locations through the US means you will never have an issue redeeming miles through various companies and you can eliminate the hassle of seeing which companies actually will use your card’s reward miles.

If you choose a frequent flyer miles card,be warned that some credit card issuers include fine print with obtaining and redeeming the miles.

You may only be able to accrue rewards through using your credit card at certain places, such as restaurants, or if you use your card at business locations approved by the card issuer.

Another issue that cardholders might run into with frequent flyer mile cards is that of expiring miles. In some reward cards cases, your frequent flyer miles will expire after a year or two, thereby nullifying the whole benefit of obtaining the card in the first place.

In order to choose which type of reward card best suits an individual’s tastes, be sure to research the various APRs and whether or not the cards will be usable to redeem points at certain places.

Another major item to keep in mind when selecting an airline miles reward card or a frequent flyers credit card is the issue of saving up for rewards. Some cards have unfair ratios for collecting airline reward miles. In some cases, the card’s collective reward miles will be unusable until you meet a minimum spent amount on your card. This is typical, however, as individuals who immediately receive a card and expect a ton of miles would be accruing the miles, using them up, and then performing a balance transfer onto another card to avoid the APRs.

APRs on reward cards are typically higher than the average, closer to being between 15 to 20% for their fixed rates, or even those rates at non-fixed amounts. In order to save you the trouble down the road of outstanding amounts of repayment rates, cardholders should research the various cards in order to see what cards offer the best APRs.

With some cards that have been personally researched, such as cards through Capital One, there will be cards that provide excellent mile to dollar spent ratio. With some cards for every dollar spent the cardholder will gain 2 frequent flyer miles available for immediate use. This would benefit the cardholder who immediately wants to start obtaining miles and uses their card frequently, as opposed to a card where you receive the miles at the end of the month.

With cards that reward the cardholder with the gathered miles at the end of each month, it is best to wait many months to accrue the rewarded miles, rather than attempting to use the miles first received. This is in part due to airlines rounding up the used miles to the nearest hundredth. A cardholder might find themselves disappointed if they mistakenly assume their rewards will be used down to the nearest single miles.