bad credit credit cards

What exactly do we mean by bad credit credit cards? These are the credit cards that are specially designed for people who have a bad credit and who wish to rebuild their credit reputation.


There are a lot of banks of other bad credit credit cards issuers who boast of issuing these cards to help bad credit holders to improve their credit rating. However, many of these issuers are just fake players who are there in the market to take undue advantage of such people. So, before you select a issuer for your credit card for bad credit, make sure that you check its reputation without fail. Internet is the best place to find genuine issuers of credit cards for poor credit holders.

Secured or unsecured credit cards

One of the most important points is to select between secured and unsecured credit cards for bad credit holders. Your income stability is one of the major factors that would help you to decide between these two types of credit cards. A secured credit card is issued on the basis of deposit that you have to make as a security. Unsecured credit cards do not require such securities but have comparatively higher charges and fee attached to them when compared to secured credit cards.

Other points

Before you select a bad credit credit card for your use, make sure that you compare various types of such cards available in the market on the basis of APR, monthly or yearly financial charges, and provisions related to periodical extension of credit limits.

Also enquire whether or not your credit card issuer sends you monthly reports of your account. Check out if your issuing agency provides you with round-the-clock customer service. All this will help you to keep a track of your credit card account.

A good credit card for bad credit agency helps you better to improve your credit image.